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Bike Kollective Progress Report 5

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CS467 Bike Kollective progress report 3

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Progress Report 1

Hayley Leavitt Fugue - Text Based Adventure Game Progress Report 1 - initial implementation - exchange data between python executable and json file - objects: location and map - research as…

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Hayley Leavitt - AARVIN Week 7

This week with AARVIN we got the robot rolling! The GPS is fully implemented and GPS-Compass navigation is working! Testing outside in real-world conditions got delayed due to real-world weather,…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 4 AARVIN Progress Report

CS 469 - Project Management in CS Hayley Leavitt AARVIN - Autonomous Arduino-based Research Vehicle In Nature Week 2 implementation report (Week 4 of class) This week we got moving! I fried a…

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Week 6 Progress Report for Capstone Project

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