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Hayley Leavitt Week 9 AARVIN

WEEK 9: This week I set out to debug debug debug. And also install a camera! I got the camera set up and I did some testing, some debugging, but things are not 100% worked out just yet. So, next…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 8 AARVIN

WEEK 8 This week I implemented the Due as the Main Control device, and switched the Uno to solely be a drive control slave device. So, the Due will tell the Uno what to do, and the Uno tells the RVR…

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Hayley Leavitt - AARVIN Week 7

This week with AARVIN we got the robot rolling! The GPS is fully implemented and GPS-Compass navigation is working! Testing outside in real-world conditions got delayed due to real-world weather,…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 6 AARVIN

Week 6 for AARVIN! Implemented GPS, Compass / Magnetometer, and IR Distance Sensor!

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Hayley Leavitt Week 4 AARVIN Progress Report

CS 469 - Project Management in CS Hayley Leavitt AARVIN - Autonomous Arduino-based Research Vehicle In Nature Week 2 implementation report (Week 4 of class) This week we got moving! I fried a…

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AI Seminar 17 - Heather Knight

Charismatic Robots in Everyday Human Spaces

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Charismatic Robots in Everyday Human Spaces

Heather Knight, Assistant Professor Computer Science Oregon State UniversityAbstract This talk will present work from the CHARISMA Robotics lab at Oregon State University, an acronym for…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: How to Train Your Robot to Stand, Walk, Run, Hop, and Skip

Alan Fern, Professor and Associate Head for ResearchElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceOregon State University AbstractDespite years of work on robot locomotion, we still do not have robots…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Transparency for Robots: Why does it matter?

Julie A. AdamsProfessor, Computer ScienceAssociate Director of Research, CoRISOregon State University AbstractRobots are becoming more common and will become a larger part of our everyday lives.…

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