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OWRI Picture Newsletter 2016

A compilation of research and outreach for the Oregon Wine Research Institute.

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20160708 Berry Sensory Assessment: A Valuable Tool in Grape and Wine Production

Berry sensory assessment (BSA) is a tool that can be used to assist in the evaluation of grape quality, however little published information exists on BSA characteristics of established grape…

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20160308 Powdery Mildew: Biology and Management

Powdery mildew remains a concern for grape growers and can be difficult to manage. Populations of Erysiphe necator cleistothecia can burst open and release ascospores over an extended period of time…

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20160202 Fungal Sex Could Resist Your Advances

Fungicide resistance became a priority this past summer with several documented powdery mildew management failures in vineyards. Several new fungicides have been registered for grapes and some of…

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20151211 Statewide Crop Load Project: Impacts of Pinot Noir Yield Management on Vine Productivity and Fruit Composition at Harvest

The Statewide Crop Load Project was established in 2012 as a large grower-collaborative study to determine the long-term impacts of yield management on fruit composition, wine quality, and vine…

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20150529 From Nursery to the Vineyard: Study of Trunk Diseases in British Columbia

Grapevines are the second largest fruit crop in British Columbia with a cultivated area of over 10,000 acres and a farm gate value of over $35 million CAD. Future economic sustainability depends on…

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20150521 Chiral Monoterpenes in Pinot gris Wines

Dr. Tomasino discussed her research in discovering the importance of chiral monoterpenes in Pinot gris and Riesling. These compounds contribute to floral, citrus, and fruity aromas in aromatic white…

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20150424 Finding the Sweet Spot for Nutrient Status of Pinot noir

Dr. Schreiner summarized his findings from research trials designed to better define nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements for Pinot noir, and how varying these nutrients alters vine…

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20150318 What Malolactic Fermentation Can Do for You: Beyond De-acidification

Malolactic fermentation is primarily used during winemaking to de-acidify wines; however this process can alter wine quality in a number of other ways. In this seminar, Dr. James Osborne discussed…

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2014 OWRI Year in Pictures

2014 OWRI Year in Pictures Visit us at

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20141208 Yield Management: A story from the vine's perspective

The yield-quality relationship is of paramount importance to achieve quality fruit consistently in Oregon's Pinot noir producing regions, or so we think. Each year, growers and winemakers toil…

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20140827 Rust Mite Monitoring in Vineyards - Washing Technique

Presenter: Dr. Patricia Skinkis

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