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OSU Vineyard Rootstock Trial

A long-term wine grape rootstock trial has been conducted at the Oregon State University (OSU) Woodhall Vineyard, located in the south Willamette Valley. The trial has been evaluated since 2019 by…

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Grape Day 2021: Dr. Patty Skinkis, OSU

This webinar is presented by Dr. Patty Skinkis, Professor and Viticulture Extension Specialist at Oregon State University, who summarizes her research exploring vineyard soil moisture and rootstock…

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Grape Day 2021: Dr. Nathalie Aoun, UC Davis

This webinar is presented by Dr. Nathalie Aoun, a postdoctoral researcher in the Stergiopoulos lab at UC Davis, who has conducted research studying molecular mechanisms for powdery mildew resistance…

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Grape Red Blotch Disease Webinar - Dr. Patty Skinkis

This webinar summarizes several Grape Red Blotch Virus research projects conducted with Pinot noir in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Dr. Patty Skinkis is Professor and Viticulture Extension…

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Grapevine Red Blotch Disease Webinar - Dr. Alexander Levin

This webinar is presented by Dr. Alexander (Alec) Levin, who has conducted research on Grape Red Blotch Disease, vine water relations, and applied vineyard irrigation research since 2016.

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How to Scout for Grapevine Trunk Disease in Spur Pruned Vineyards

This video features Dr. Patty Skinkis, Professor and Viticulture Extension Specialist, Oregon State University, describing how to scout for grapevine trunk disease in a cordon-trained, spur pruned…

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How to Renew a Grapevine Cordon

This video shows how to renew a cordon on a mature grapevine. The video features Dr. Patty Skinkis, Professor and Viticulture Extension Specialist, Oregon State University, and was produced by Annie…

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Research Seminar 2019: Dr. Clark Seavert, OSU

This seminar is presented by OSU economist Dr. Clark Seavert, who took the initial steps to evaluate the economic potential of mechanizing vineyard tasks for the Northwest wine industry.

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20160509 The wait for a host: Understanding Erysiphe necator overwintering and early season inoculum release

Grape powdery mildew, caused by Erysiphe necator, is a polycyclic disease that causes economic losses related to the costs of management and damage to grapes. The epidemic begins with the release of…

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20160509 Development of a Mechanistic Vineyard Simulation Tool to Support Improved Management Decisions

Each growing season, a vineyard manager makes a set of interconnected decisions (e.g., watering schedule, pruning, pesticide application, fertilization) that guide their crops throughout the year.…

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20160308 Powdery Mildew: Biology and Management

Powdery mildew remains a concern for grape growers and can be difficult to manage. Populations of Erysiphe necator cleistothecia can burst open and release ascospores over an extended period of time…

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2015 OWRI Year in Pictures

An annual compendium of OWRI research, outreach and Extension activities.

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20151211 Statewide Crop Load Project: Impacts of Pinot Noir Yield Management on Vine Productivity and Fruit Composition at Harvest

The Statewide Crop Load Project was established in 2012 as a large grower-collaborative study to determine the long-term impacts of yield management on fruit composition, wine quality, and vine…

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20150826 Using Molecular Viticulture to Understand and Manage Grape Ripening

On Wednesday, August 26, Dr. Simone D. Castellarin, Assistant Professor, Wine Research Centre, The University of British Columbia, presented a seminar on his research using molecular viticulture to…

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20150424 Finding the Sweet Spot for Nutrient Status of Pinot noir

Dr. Schreiner summarized his findings from research trials designed to better define nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements for Pinot noir, and how varying these nutrients alters vine…

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20150219 Timing of Berry Ripening and the Relationship to Seed Content

In a grape cluster, individual berries enter the ripening phase at different times, leading to the uneven ripening pattern observed during véraison. Seeds are known to influence the growth of…

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Grapevine Nutrition

Video from a multimedia viticulture module by Patty Skinkis. Full module located at

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