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FSF Cardio/Strength 23 Minute Video 3/18/20

This workout will have 3 levels of a cardio and strength interval workout program. Anyone can do it with all option given. It's a short one, only 23 minutes!

From  Faculty Staff Fitness Online 190 plays

Shoulder Machine

Demonstration of the shoulder machine.

From  Wendy Little 144 plays

Tricep Machine

Demonstration of tricep machine.

From  Wendy Little 75 plays

Quad Machine

Demonstration of quad machine.

From  Wendy Little 95 plays

Hamstring Machine

Demonstration of hamstring machine.

From  Wendy Little 47 plays

Bicep Curl

Demonstration of free motion bicep curl.

From  Wendy Little 64 plays

Glute Bridge

Demonstration of glut bridge exercise.

From  Wendy Little 179 plays