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Behind the Research Featuring Dr. Jeff A. Hatten

The content presented in this episode primarily pertains to the interests of Dr. Jeff A. Hatten's research program. The material used in this episode is from a conversation between Joey…

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InspirationDissemination Featuring Nick Rosson (6-9-2013)

Inspiration Dissemination is a program on 88.7fm KBVR -- Oregon State University's radio station. In this episode the hosts are joined by Nick Rosson, an Organic Chemistry major using…

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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Quamar Salih (2-28-12)

This episode of Inspiration Dissemination features Quamar Salhi - a Phd Candidate in Organic Chemistry who is working on synthetically producing larger amounts of natural products found in some…

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SarahLee speaks about Organic growing

SarahLee Lawrence speaks on the importance of organic growing

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OSU Organic Grower's Club - Pitchfork Revolution

Student club members have fun working at the OSU Organic Growers Farm where they get hands-on experience.

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Food For Thought: Tomorrow's Table

Pamela Ronald & Raoul Adamchak "Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food"

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Getting EQIPed: USDA Conservation Programs for Organic and T

In this eOrganic Webinar, Jim Riddle, UMN, discusses the NRCS EQIP program.

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High Tunnel Production and Low Cost Tunnel Construction Webi

In this Webinar, Tim Coolong, University of Kentucky, explains the uses and construction of low cost high tunnels for use in farming operations.

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Using Cover Crops to Suppress Weeds in Northeast US Farming

Cover crops provide important benefits to Northeast croplands, including soil and water conservation. Some growers are also finding that cover crops can help reduce weed problems. Which covers are…

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