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Is Science on a Path to Irrelevance in Policy and Management?

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, Oregon State University, presents a Plenary Lecture at the National Convention, Society of American Foresters,…

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How do I collect a soil sample for testing?

Collecting a soil sample for testing is easy. In this video, Dennis Brown, OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer, Portland Metro Area, demonstrates how to take a soil sample in the garden. Video…

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Is Science on a Path to Irrelevance in Policy and Management?

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Plenary Lecture, 15th Annual Banff Conference, Alberta Institute of Agrologists, March 28, 2019, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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This is a Clackamas Tree School power point presentation from March 24, 2018, class 9C Web Soil Survey for Farm and Small Woodland Owners

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Behind the Research Featuring Dr. Jeff A. Hatten

The content presented in this episode primarily pertains to the interests of Dr. Jeff A. Hatten's research program. The material used in this episode is from a conversation between Joey…

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Kate Lajtha - Soil Science

Kate Latjtha describes her SUS/SOIL 102 course for a hybrid faculty showcase.

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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Fumiaki Funahashi (6-30-13)

Inspiration Dissemination is a program on 88.7fm KBVR -- Oregon State University's radio station. The program invites graduate students to discuss their research projects and experiences live…

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Food for the Soil

by James Cassidy, Soil Physics & Organic Agriculture at OSU. Part of the Gearing Up for Gardening series hosted by the Benton County Master Gardeners

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BEE in the Lab - Soil Research

PhD Student, Ryan Stewart, discusses the research he's doing in the Biological and Ecological Engineering Soil Lab. Ryan is advised by Dr. John Selker. Video filmed and produced by Tylee Cairns

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Harward Endowment Lecture

"Ecological Homogenization of Urban America" Peter M. Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies-January 29, 2013

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Forest Practices and Mass Soil Movement

Forest Practices and Mass Soil Movement, 813 DVD.

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Soil Compaction on Forest Lands

Soil Compaction on Forest Lands, 850 DVD.

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Launched Soil Nails

Launched Soil Nails, 1018 DVD.

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Recognizing and Managing Forest Soil...

Recognizing and Managing Forest Soil Compaction Problems, 823 DVD.

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Soil Compaction on Forest Lands

FMC 850. An in-depth look at causes of forest soil compaction, its effects on productivity, and some management alternatives for reducing compaction and restoring compacted lands. Focuses on recent…

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Dr. Jeff Leonard: "A Million-Piece Puzzle: Physically mappin

Crop and Soil Sciences Spring Seminar Series

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GEO 424/524 International Water Resources Management .

Dr. Peter Huntoon, Hydrologist - "Chairman Mao, The Great Leap Forward and the Deforestation Ecological Disaster in the South China Karst"

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Gardening - Soil

Soil preparation for the Klamath Basin

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Breeding for Fiber Content in Wheat Flour

Presenter - Dr. Edward Souza, Crop & Soil Science, Wheat Breeding and Genetics Position Candidate

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Evidence for Different Contributions of Archaea and Bacteria

Presenter - Anne Taylor - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Crop & Soil Science Department

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The Sustainable Biochar System: Terrestrial Carbon Harvestin

Presenter - John Miedema - Director of Biomass Energy for Thompson Timber and Starker Forests

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Stacking the Deck - Wheat Breeding in the 21st Century

Presenter - Dr. Robert Zemetra, Crop & Soil Science, Wheat Breeding and Genetics Position Candidate

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Development of weed control strategies in the irrigated crop

Presenter - Joel Felix - Assistant Professor - Weed Science, Oregon State University

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Addressing the Changing Needs for Extension in Lincoln Count

Presenter - Sam Angima - County staff chair, AG agent, small farms agent, Lincoln Co. Extension

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What genes are in your beer?

Presenter - Scott Fisk - MS Graduate Student, Crop Science, Oregon State University

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The Secrets to Successful PowerPoint Presentations

Presenters - Weiwei Zhang (Educational Trainer with the OSU Technology Across the Curriculum Program) and Jon Dorbolo (Associate Director of the TAC Program)

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Addressing entomological issues through research and extensi

Presenter - Silvia Rondon - Entomologist, HAREC, Oregon State University

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The Future of Public Wheat Breeding: Is Soybean Breeding th

Presenter - Chris Gaynor - MS Graduate Student, Crop Science, Oregon State University

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New Crops and High Residue Farming For Irrigated Farms In th

Presenter: Steve Norberg - Assistant Professor - Crops Agent, Oregon State University

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Soil organic matter turnover: what did we learn from long-te

Presenter: Michael Schmidt - University of Zurich, Switzerland

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4.5 Years as the Extension Cereal Specialist

Presenter: Michael Flowers - Assistant Professor - Extension Cereals Specialist. (Note - there were some technical issues with the recording.)

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CSS Spring Departmental Meeting - Part 3

Third and final portion of the Crop & Soil Science Spring Departmental meeting.

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