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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Javier Tabima (8-15-2013)

Inspiration Dissemination is a radio program on 88.7fm KBVR -- Oregon State University's student run radio station. This program is entirely produced by students. In this episode, the hosts are…

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Food Security Summit Plenary Address 1/19/12

January 19, 2012. Plenary Address by Max Finberg, USDA; Introduction by Rachel Bristol, Oregon Food Bank

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SEEDS: Professional Mentors

Meet Dr. Frank Lake, OSU Alum with deep ties to the College of Forestry. Now a researcher with the USDA Forest Science Labs in Berkeley, California, Frank continues to work on applied research…

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Getting EQIPed: USDA Conservation Programs for Organic and T

In this eOrganic Webinar, Jim Riddle, UMN, discusses the NRCS EQIP program.

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Starker Lecture Series

May 2010. Sally Collins, Director, Office of Environmental Markets, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington DC: Next Generation Conservation

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