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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Kristen Davis Moore

"The Human Animal Bond: Connecting Youth to Community" - Kristen Davis Moore, Campbell Family Small and Companion Animal 4-H ProgramFaculty

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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Andony Melathopoulos

Never Underestimate an Extension Volunteer: The Master Melittologist Program" - Andony Melathopoulos, Pollinator Health Extension Specialist , Pollinator Ecology/Ecotoxicology

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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Ana Lu Fonseca

"Belonging as a Catalyst: Unlocking collective potential to co-create solutions" - Ana Lu Fonseca, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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The Power of Cooperative Extension for Research Translation

This ASP3IRE Lunch and Learn webinar features two national Cooperative Extension leaders discussing the vital role of extension in research translation to promote health and well-being in…

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Service Documentation

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OSU_25YC 2018

25 Year club honoree video

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Ask an Expert: Retrieve and Report Data

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EESC Express- May 2016 - Anatomy of a Good Press Release - Clipped by Jeffry Hino

In this season finale of the EESC Express, EESC's Public Service Communications Specialist Kym Pokorny and Public Issues Education Leader Gail Wells discuss how to craft an effective press…

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EESC Express-April 2016- Emerging Technologies for Extension

Hop aboard and join us for a short, 30-minute ride with—Stephen Ward, Multimedia & Visual Technology Designer Alan Dennis, Multimedia Tech Designer Jeff Hino, EESC Learning Technology…

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EESC Express March 2016: How to Use the EESC Photo Archive

Karen Zimmermann, our EESC Digital Asset Management Manager shares the new EESC Photo Archive. Viewers will learn how to search and download photos for use in publications websites and other…

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The Creative Forest

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O&E Special 2015-09-02-LDPE-Connective-Leadership-II

Leadership Development Program for Executive seminar, Connective Leadership Part II, presented by Scott Reed.

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2015-05-22 O&E Regional Administration Model Evaluation Report

O&E Administrative Regional Model Evaluation Report with Deb Maddy and Molly Engle.

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Greater Yellowstone to the Prairie

A conversation about "challenges and rewards of work on the Custer and Gallatin National Forests." By FERM Department's 2013 Outstanding Alumna, Mary Erickson on Tuesday, May 14,…

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RecSport Student Affairs Olympics Training

Follow Recreational Sports Director, Tom Kirch, as he trains for the Student Affairs Olympics.

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Who's Coming to Dinner

Livestock Eating Habits and Their Effects on Grazing Management

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OSU College of Forestry Distinguished Alumnus, William Lange

From New Perspectives to Landscape Scale Conservation: Searching for a Federal Forest Policy For the past two decades, the primary focus of federal forest management has been on preservation and…

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UHDS - Delivering a World Class Experience... Everyday

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SEEDS: Professional Mentors

Meet Dr. Frank Lake, OSU Alum with deep ties to the College of Forestry. Now a researcher with the USDA Forest Science Labs in Berkeley, California, Frank continues to work on applied research…

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SEEDS: Professional Mentors

Meet Leslie Weldon, formerly District Ranger, Sisters, Oregon, for the U.S. Forest Service, mother of an OSU Beaver, with a varied career path in the Forest Service. Strengthening Education and…

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Starker Lecture Series

May 2010. Sally Collins, Director, Office of Environmental Markets, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington DC: Next Generation Conservation

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Starker Lecture Series

April 2010. Ted Lorensen, retired, former Assistant State Forester, Salem, OR: Ecosystems Services from Forest Lands

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Starker Lecture Series

April 2010. Bettina von Hagen, CEO, Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc., Portland, OR: Markets for Ecosystems Services

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