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Use of Virtual Fence in Targeted Grazing 3 Nov 2022 webinar (SRM Targeted Grazing Comm)

Zoom Recording ID: 96663651792 UUID: Zic57gtIRLmIpiY7jFYnUQ== Meeting Time: 2022-11-03 11:35:27pm

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Grazing Grass Seed Fields for Animal and Seed Production

This presentation describes grass seed production, including planting, growth stages, growth characteristics, harvesting of forage by livestock, and harvesting of seed by machine. It also describes…

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Who's Coming to Dinner

Livestock Eating Habits and Their Effects on Grazing Management

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Brenda Smith, EBIPM Symposium at 2012 SRM

Brenda Smith - ARS, Burns, OR - Directing Succession Using Grazing in an EBIPM Program

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