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Shepherds' Group - Introductory Meeting

We went over the binder (notebook) of materials we plan to read and study together. This is just an introduction to the materials. We will go more in-depth in later meetings. The Zoom recording did…

From  Shelby Filley 3 plays

Grazing Grass Seed Fields for Animal and Seed Production

This presentation describes grass seed production, including planting, growth stages, growth characteristics, harvesting of forage by livestock, and harvesting of seed by machine. It also describes…

From  Shelby Filley 1 plays

Who\'s Coming to Dinner?

Examines the eating habits of cows, sheep, horses, and goats, and explores how forage selection, pugging, trampling, and fencing contribute to a pasture\'s health and sustainability.

From  Sandy L Reichhuber (retired) 120 plays