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Intubation of Small Ruminants and Camelids

A short video demonstrating endotracheal intubation of a sheep. This method works well for all small ruminants and camelids.

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Skin diseases - Hypersensitivity, neoplastic

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Diseases of the skin: Metabolic, nutritional, congenital, unknown etiology General concept of hypersensitivity

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Infectious diseases of the skin - skin as primary site and skin as part of a systemic infection

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Skin Lecture 2_MAGR-298LCS_2014.10.14

Primary and secondary skin lesions; clinical diagnostics; biopsy techniques

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Skin Lecture 1_MAGR-298LCS_2014.10.13

Skin reactions to injury

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Cardiovascular Lecture 5_MAGR-298LCS_2014-10-09

Vascular disease; vascular neoplasms; congenital anomalies of the heart and large vessels Cardiac failure

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Cardiovascular 4_MAGR-298LCS_2014-10-07

Diseases of the vascular system

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Cardiovascular lecture 3_MAGR-298LCS_2014.10.06

Diseases of the endocardium and vasculature

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VMB763 Lecture 9, January 27, 2014

VMB 7863 Lecture 9. Hemostasis Part II

From  Susan Tornquist 42 plays

VMB763 Lecture 8. January 24,2014


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VMB763 Lecture 6. Jan. 17, 2014

Leukocytes and Bone marrow

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VMB 763 Lecture 5. January 15, 2014

VMB 763 Clinical Pathology. Second WBC lecture

From  Susan Tornquist 45 plays

VMB 763 Clin Path Lecture 2

Lecture 2- RBCs and anemia

From  Susan Tornquist 109 plays

Intravenous Catheterization in the Dog

A brief video presentation on how to place an intravenous catheter in a dog.

From  Ron Mandsager 1,792 plays

IV Catheter Animation

A brief animation illustration proper IV catheter insertion.

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Chinese Fingertrap

An instructional video on how to correctly perform a chinese fingertrap surgical ligature to secure a tube

From  Ron Mandsager 5,333 plays

Circumferential Ligature

An instructional video on how to correctly perform a circumferential surgical ligature

From  Ron Mandsager 2,518 plays

Instrument tie

An instructional video on how to correctly perform an instrument surgical ligature

From  Ron Mandsager 113 plays

One handed tie

An instructional video on how to correctly perform a one handed surgical ligature

From  Ron Mandsager 68 plays

Two Handed Tie

An instructional video on how to correctly perform a two handed surgical ligature

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Veterinary Pharmacology I: Anesthesia, part 1

The first of two lectures introducing the pharmacology of drugs used in veterinary anesthesiology.

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Monitoring: Blood Pressure


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Monitoring: Cardiovascular


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Monitoring: Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry

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Monitoring: CVP & CO

Central venous pressure, cardiac output

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Monitoring: Introduction

Introduction to monitoring

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Monitoring: ECG


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Inhalants: Uptake & Distribution

Uptake & Distribution

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Inhalants: Desflurane


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Inhalants: Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide

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Inhalants: Sevoflurane


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