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AI Seminar 62: Gail Rosen

Learning Sequence Representations and Interpretable ML Models for Microbial Communities

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AI Seminar 33 - Patrick Roberts and Neville Mehta

Data Science Consulting at AWS

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Show and tell us what you have accomplished since your last progress report (or since you started the project). Be open and honest!

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Charismatic Robots in Everyday Human Spaces

Heather Knight, Assistant Professor Computer Science Oregon State UniversityAbstract This talk will present work from the CHARISMA Robotics lab at Oregon State University, an acronym for…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Looking for Weird Things in Data

Weng-Keen Wong, ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractMany machine learning and data mining approaches focus on discovering predictive patterns in data. An equally important task…

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AI Seminar 8 - Hannah Kerner

Advancing Global Food Security and Sustainable Development with Machine Learning and Earth Observations

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Tech Talk Tuesday: In Pursuit of Reliable Autonomy in the Open World

Sandhya Saisubramanian, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractThe increased deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and their broad societal impacts brings…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Neuroprostheses for amputees and patients with spinal cord injuries

V John MathewsProfessorElectrical and Computer EngineeringOregon State University May 18, 2021 AbstractRecent technological innovations such as functional neuro-muscular stimulation (FNS) offer…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Visual Analytics for Machine Learning Interpretability

Minsuk Kahng, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University May 4, 2021 AbstractWhile artificial intelligence has led to major breakthroughs in many domains, understanding machine…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery in Planetary and Space Science

Kiri Wagstaff, Associate Research ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University April 6, 2021 AbstractMachine learning provides the ability to quickly sift through large data sets to identify…

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