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Rube Goldberg Factory-tutorial part 3

From  Danielle Nelson 10 plays

BB 450 Lecture 2 - Buffers and Henderson Hasselbalch

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing buffers and the Henderson Hasselbalch equation.

From  Kevin Ahern 87 plays

BB 450 Lecture 1: Introduction / Buffers

A lecture by Kevin Ahern introducing the subject of biochemistry and discussing pH, aqueous solutions, hydrogen bonds, and buffers.

From  Kevin Ahern 112 plays

DNA Replication, Repair and Recombination, and Short Review

a lecture by Kevin Ahern covering DNA replication, recombination, repair, and a short review session.

From  Kevin Ahern 1 plays

Nucleotide Metabolism I

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering nucleotide metabolism.

From  Kevin Ahern 12 plays

BB 451/551 Lecture for February 4, 2009

BB 451/551 Biochemistry Lecture by Kevin Ahern

From  Kevin Ahern 10 plays