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BB 450/550 Lecture 2 for June 21, 2011 - Protein Structure I & II

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering protein structure I & II

From  Kevin Ahern 29 plays

BB 450 Lecture 1: Introduction / Buffers

A lecture by Kevin Ahern introducing the subject of biochemistry and discussing pH, aqueous solutions, hydrogen bonds, and buffers.

From  Kevin Ahern 112 plays

Nitrogen Metabolism

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing nitrogen metabolism, amino acid metabolism, and the urea cycle.

From  Kevin Ahern 59 plays

Amino Acids - Structure and Function

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing the structual and chemical properties of amino acids in proteins.

From  Kevin Ahern 279 plays

Transcription III and Translation I

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing eukaryotic transcription and starting discussion of translation.

From  Kevin Ahern 14 plays

BB 450/550 Lecture for October 1, 2010

BB 450/550 Biochemistry lecture by Kevin Ahern. Topics covered include buffers, amino acid structure and charge, titration and a Metabolic Melody - "Biochemistry, Biochemistry"

From  Kevin Ahern 10 plays