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CS 352 Usability Test

CS 352 Usability Test

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Science Pub - There Goes the Sun - Oct. 11, 2023

Dr. Randall Millstein previews the upcoming eclipse and takes us into a deep dive of this wildly popular phenomenon that has fascinated our species for thousands of years.

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James Sulikowski on EVR

Dr. James Sulikowski, director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES) talks with Marcelo Garate on the Elizabeth Vargas Reports show on the News Nation Now channel. They discuss…

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Ecampus Environmental Alliance Club

The Ecampus Environmental Alliance Club is a student organization that encourages environmental discussions, career development, and provides support to Oregon State University students that, under…

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Sustainability: What the Heck Does it Mean?

Dr. W. Todd Jarvis, Director, Institute for Water and Watersheds, Oregon State University, asks experts at the university how they define "sustainability." There are many, often highly…

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Elevtor Pitch

Transcript:Hi there! My name is Hayley Spencer Leavitt and I am a software engineer from Marietta, GA specializing in firmware and embedded software. I graduated from Kennesaw State University in…

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Progress Report 1

Hayley Leavitt Fugue - Text Based Adventure Game Progress Report 1 - initial implementation - exchange data between python executable and json file - objects: location and map - research as…

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AI Seminar 33 - Patrick Roberts and Neville Mehta

Data Science Consulting at AWS

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Hayley Leavitt Week 9 AARVIN

WEEK 9: This week I set out to debug debug debug. And also install a camera! I got the camera set up and I did some testing, some debugging, but things are not 100% worked out just yet. So, next…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 8 AARVIN

WEEK 8 This week I implemented the Due as the Main Control device, and switched the Uno to solely be a drive control slave device. So, the Due will tell the Uno what to do, and the Uno tells the RVR…

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Ten Things Scientists Get Wrong about Policy Making

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences at Oregon State University, presents a talk to the legislative policy staff, State of Oregon, Salem, Oregon, on…

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Hayley Leavitt - AARVIN Week 7

This week with AARVIN we got the robot rolling! The GPS is fully implemented and GPS-Compass navigation is working! Testing outside in real-world conditions got delayed due to real-world weather,…

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How Federal Employees Implement the Endangered Species Act

Elizabeth R. Jackson and Dr. Robert T. Lackey discuss the challenges of implementing the Endangered Species Act (ESA). ESA grants legal automatic standing to any individual or party willing…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 6 AARVIN

Week 6 for AARVIN! Implemented GPS, Compass / Magnetometer, and IR Distance Sensor!

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Polar STEAM Intro NNA Nov 2022

This introduction to the NSF- Funded OSU Facilitated Polar STEAM programs is prepared with the 2022 Navigating the New Arctic Meeting. More information is…

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AARVIN Week 5 HLeavitt

Week 5 of Development on AARVIN! The goal for this week was to implement the GPS module and incorporate it with autonav, get the Qwiic shield soldered and assemble it with the hardware, and get the…

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Hayley Leavitt Week 4 AARVIN Progress Report

CS 469 - Project Management in CS Hayley Leavitt AARVIN - Autonomous Arduino-based Research Vehicle In Nature Week 2 implementation report (Week 4 of class) This week we got moving! I fried a…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: The AgAID Institute: AI Solutions to Tackle 21st Century Challenges in Agriculture

Alan Fern, Professor and Associate Head of ResearchElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceOregon State University May 31, 2022 AbstractThe AgAID institute is a recently awarded National AI…

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Normative Science: Avoiding this Corruption of Science

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences at Oregon State University, discusses how effectively resolving the typical ecological or natural resource…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Data Modeling and Quality Control for Spatial Decision Support Systems

Dylan Keon, Assistant Professor (Sr Res)NACSE Research GroupOregon State University AbstractNACSE combines reliable software engineering of decision support systems with mapping and climatology to…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Lessons in Real-World Software: Going From Monolith to Microservices

Abstract The Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) is an experiential learning program for students. Our self-funded program provides hands-on learning for students on real world projects…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Systematic Inclusive Design: From GenderMag to SocioeconomicMag

Margaret Burnett, University Distinguished ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractHow can software professionals systematically assess whether their software supports diverse…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Charismatic Robots in Everyday Human Spaces

Heather Knight, Assistant Professor Computer Science Oregon State UniversityAbstract This talk will present work from the CHARISMA Robotics lab at Oregon State University, an acronym for…

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Is Science on a Path to Irrelevance in Policy and Management?

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, Oregon State University, presents a Plenary Lecture at the National Convention, Society of American Foresters,…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Looking for Weird Things in Data

Weng-Keen Wong, ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractMany machine learning and data mining approaches focus on discovering predictive patterns in data. An equally important task…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Learning Transferable Visiolingustic Representations

Stefan Lee, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractVision-and-language research consists of a diverse set of tasks. While underlying image datasets, input/output APIs,…

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Top Ten Reasons Why Wild Salmon Runs Collapsed

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, Oregon State University presentation at the Trout Unlimited (Corvallis Chapter) meeting, February 1, 2022. The…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: How to Train Your Robot to Stand, Walk, Run, Hop, and Skip

Alan Fern, Professor and Associate Head for ResearchElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceOregon State University AbstractDespite years of work on robot locomotion, we still do not have robots…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Democratizing Error-Efficient Computing

Radha Venkatagiri, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractWe live in a world were errors in computation are becoming ubiquitous and come from a wide variety of sources --…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Building Secure and Reliable Deep Learning Systems from a Systems Security Perspective

Sanghyun Hong, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractHow can we build secure and reliable deep learning systems, e.g., autonomous cars or AI-assisted robotic surgery,…

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Scientific Assertions that Muddle Ecological Policy

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University, presents the keynote address at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Montreal, Canada,…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Resilient Operating Systems via Code Debloating

Sibin Mohan, Associate ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractContemporary operating systems, such as Linux, have grown to be large, complex pieces of software. They are meant to…

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