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Melina Wettstein SURS video

2020 OSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS) Hi my name is Melina Wettstein and I am a student from University of Washington. I participated in a virtual REU program at Hatfield marine…

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2020 OSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS) Hi my name is Emily Poulin, and I am an NSF REU intern at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.My mentor is Dr. Sarah Henkel. My project is…

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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Jeremy Hoffman (9-22-13)

Inspiration Dissemination is a radio program on 88.7fm KBVR, Corvallis hosted by two Oregon State University graduate students. This episode features Jeremy Hoffman, a phD student in the College of…

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2012 New Faculty Orientation Part 8 Federal Agencies

Working with Federal Agencies Panel Featuring Belinda Batten, AFOSR, Greg Rorrer, NSF and Richard Cuenca, NSF

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2012 New Faculty Orientation Part 7 NSF Broader Impacts

NSF Broader Impacts, Panel led by Ron Adams, Executive Associate Vice President for Research, Panelists: Kyle Cole, Dwaine Plaza and John Wager

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The Circadian Clock and its Neuroprotective Role During Agin

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Research Faculty and Staff Orientation Part 3 Richard Ceunca

Faculty Insider Richard Cuenca

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NSF Grant Proposal Preparation Basics

NSF grant proposal preparation basics presented by Edward J. Hackett.

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Hurricane Wavemaker

The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University demonstrates the Hurricane Wavemaker. The machine sends out a wave to topple a concrete structure, simulating the impact of a big…

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