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Clip of Import Publications with a BibTex File - July 22nd 2020, 1:13:57 pm

How to import citations saved as a BibTeX file

From  Linda Brewer 19 plays

Kaltura Capture recording - June 23rd 2020, 12:01:24 pm

How to run a faculty/staff directory report.

From  Linda Brewer 7 plays

Extension Consultations

How to document your phone, email, office walk-in or Ask an Expert educational contacts.

From  Linda Brewer 33 plays

Student Internships

Document your efforts when mentoring undergraduate interns.

From  Linda Brewer 5 plays

Guest Lecture Records

How to document your guest lectures in for-credit courses

From  Linda Brewer 10 plays

Quality Publication Records

Identify the tips and tricks that will ensure your publication records sort into reports as wanted.

From  Linda Brewer 6 plays

Check the Quality of your Data Entry

Running a rapid report

From  Linda Brewer 12 plays


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AES Reporting Guidance - 2018 Nov 26 11:45:57

Step by step instructions on submitting the AES report via Digital Measures

From  Linda Brewer 60 plays

Send Back to Previous Step - 2017 Dec 22 12:51:54

Recording showing supervisors how to send the faculty review submission back to the faculty member through DM Workflow

From  Linda Brewer 27 plays

Review Committee OES Annual Review DM Workflow

From  Linda Brewer 78 plays

Annual Review in Digital Measures Workflow

From  Linda Brewer 172 plays

Graduate Review: Student Outputs and Outcomes

From  Linda Brewer 23 plays

Graduate program review: Student productivity and outcomes - 2017 May 02 04:32:49

Demonstrates how to capture key metrics that departments must provide during the graduate or undergraduate review process.

From  Linda Brewer 21 plays

Publication? or Media Attention! - 2017 Apr 26 04:00:33

Defines intellectual or artistic contributions and showcases some new publication types. Differentiates authorship from media attention.

From  Linda Brewer 44 plays

Writing for Twitter - 2016 Mar 18 06:02:57

From  Linda Brewer 45 plays

Non-credit Instruction by EPA - 2016 Jan 27 11:37:35

Manage names and roles for your Educational Program Assistant and yourself; enter contacts for teaching event delivered by your EPA.

From  Linda Brewer 81 plays

NonCredit Instruction Details - 2016 Jan 12 05:19:50

From  Linda Brewer 42 plays

EM: Ext_Reporting check-list - 2015 Dec 10 05:59:17

From  Linda Brewer 93 plays

EvalS: Ext_County_Report_Checklist - 2015 Dec 10 05:45:41

From  Linda Brewer 55 plays

DM_2015DecChecklist - 2015 Dec 08 04:47:23

From  Linda Brewer 31 plays

DM: Basic Terminology - 2015 Dec 08 03:33:29

From  Linda Brewer 168 plays

DM: Where do I go for Help??! - 2015 Dec 08 02:47:10

From  Linda Brewer 204 plays

DM: Delete a Record - 2015 Oct 15 12:05:41

Directions for deleting a record from your Digital Measures profile.

From  Linda Brewer 61 plays

DM: Add New Item - 2015 Oct 15 12:15:38

Demonstrates how to add a new item in a Digital Measures Profile

From  Linda Brewer 162 plays

DM: Duplicate a record - 2015 Oct 15 12:22:20

Shows you how to save time and keystrokes by duplicating and editing an original record, for repetitive tasks.

From  Linda Brewer 59 plays

DM: Manage a List of Names - 2015 Oct 15 12:33:45

This video demonstrates how to add names to an activity in Digital Measures, how to re-order names in a list, and how to assign multiple roles to a single participant.

From  Linda Brewer 143 plays

DM: Access Your Account - 2015 Oct 15 12:51:02

This video shows you how to log in to your Digital Measures account.

From  Linda Brewer 54 plays

DM Speed Entry from Word Docs - 2015 Oct 15 01:31:25

This video demonstrates the use of Digital Measure's pasteboard feature, which facilitates transfer of information from text documents to Digital Measures records.

From  Linda Brewer 96 plays

DM: You had more than one role - 2015 Oct 15 02:12:34

This video shows you how to document that you had more than one role in an event. Perhaps you were the event organizer and you made some of the presentations.

From  Linda Brewer 49 plays

DM: Managing Dates - 2015 Oct 15 03:07:05

This video shows how to make dates appear in your records as you prefer: 2009-present, 2009-2015, 2015, and explains 1900.

From  Linda Brewer 139 plays

DM: Date says 1900 - 2015 Oct 15 03:16:54

This video explains why some records may indicate a date of 1900.

From  Linda Brewer 77 plays