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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Dan Leavell

"Opportunities and What We Make of Them" - Daniel Leavell, Current Associate Professor of Practice, College of Forestry and Former Associate Professor of Practice; Fire Specialist, Forestry…

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Willamette Water 2100 Webinar: Climate Change and Upland Forest Dynamics in the Willamette River Basin

Presented by: Dr. David Turner, OSU Forest Ecosystems and Society November 5, 2014, Kidder Hall, OSU -- Abstract: As the potential magnitude of anthropogenically-driven climate change becomes…

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ILAP Climate Change and Fire Probabilities Module Descriptio

Description of the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project (ILAP) Climate Change and Fire Probabilities Module by Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, PNW Research Station and OSU College of Forestry.

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