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bending test 1-14-2016

Bending test of western juniper lumber January 14th, 2016

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Dean Thomas Maness' Welcome: 2013 Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium

2013 Symposium Theme, "Canopies to Construction: the Ecology, Management and Use of Tomorrow's Forests."

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Environmental Science & Ethics: How to Live Appropriately in the World?

Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium. 2013 Theme, "Canopies to Construction: the Ecology, Management and Use of Tomorrow's Forests." Dr. Michael Nelson is an environmental…

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Condon Umatilla Alma

Alma Campbell talking about eradication of juniper

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BB 450/550 Lecture for October 13, 2010

BB 450/550 Biochemistry lecture by Kevin Ahern. Topics include western blotting, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, x-ray crystallography, myoglobin, hemoglobin, and cooperativity.

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Terra: Sustaining the Range

Ranchers and researchers restore a high-desert watershed.

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The Quiet Invasion: Alternative Uses

Ways that juniper is used in various products.

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Harold Otley Oral History #362

HARNEY COUNTY HISTORY PROJECT Claire McGill Luce Western History Room AV-Oral History #362 - Sides A/B/C Subject: Harold Otley - With Video Place: Harney County Library - Burns, Oregon Date:…

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The Quiet Invasion: Contact Information

Resources for information about controlling juniper.

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The Quiet Invasion: Tools for Managers

Methods for controlling juniper encroachment.

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The Quiet Invasion: The Rancher Perspective (Bonus Feature)

Ranchers' thoughts on juniper control.

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The Quiet Invasion: Main Program

Managing juniper in Eastern Oregon.

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The Quiet Invasion: History and Ecology of Western Juniper (

Lecture by Professor Richard Miller.

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The Nightmare- Jimmy Bates NMC 351 Final Project

A short film for my New Media Visualization class final. It is about a guy who has a dream/nightmare that whenever he walks through doorways he goes into a new film genre... In this video I display…

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