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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Dan Leavell

"Opportunities and What We Make of Them" - Daniel Leavell, Current Associate Professor of Practice, College of Forestry and Former Associate Professor of Practice; Fire Specialist, Forestry…

From  Amanda Bielenberg 1 plays

Ecological Risk Assessment: Use, Abuse, and Alternatives

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, presents a lecture on risk assessment as applied to ecological policy problems.

From  Robert Lackey 157 plays

Pesticide safety education: Never a dull moment by Kaci Buhl

Horticulture Fall 2017 Seminar Series; Presented on November 28, 2017 at 4pm in ALS 4000

From  Elaine Clark 42 plays - "MyPest Page" for pest and disease risk models - Introduction to "MyPest Page" with hourly weather data and multiple disease risk and degree-day models. Includes a brief introduction to disease mapping, available for selected…

From  Leonard Coop 485 plays

Peter Lake 7/15/11 Session 4; Facilitator University

Description: Peter Lake addresses who or what professors and student staff and faculty are in terms of mentors or just staff for students. As people who are in power they can make a big difference…

From  Dante Holloway 179 plays

Peter Lake 7/15/11 Session 3; Student Activities and Leader

Peter Lake talks about risk management in terms of student activities. On or off campus there is a need for responsibility and who is responsible for the students and their actions on and off…

From  Dante Holloway 35 plays

Peter Lake-7/15/11- Part 1; Hot Topics in Higher ED Law

Peter Lake covers topics of higher ed law and policy which include: values, budgets, globalization, standard of care, rights and responsibilities of students and staff, and what is at risk, attack…

From  Dante Holloway 31 plays