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Advanced Library Database Skills for Advanced Users - New Grad Student Orientation 2020

Wondering where to get started with all the databases on the library's website? Want to know which databases to try for your subject area? Come explore the research options that will work best…

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Data management, smart from the start - New Graduate Student Orientation 2020

Learn to manage your data effectively and efficiently! This seminar will provide an introduction to capturing, storing, and describing research data throughout the life of the research project and…

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Meet your library - New Graduate Student Orientation 2020

Learn about the suite of resources and services offered by OSU Libraries, from interlibrary loan to databases to thesis submissions. Staff from several departments will be available to provide input…

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Rotate Map View

Sometimes the GEP map rotates when working in GEP. This video will demonstrate how to quickly reorient the map so that north is facing up. It just takes one click of the mouse to reorient the…

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Why you should choose OSU!

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Sasquatch Video

A video used to introduce "A Sasquatch Sighting in The Valley Library," part of the CONNECT Scholar's Symposium, Fall 2012.

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Make Up Orientation Part 1

Make Up Orientation Part 1

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Research Faculty and Staff Orientation Part 9 Q and A sessio

Forum Q&A session

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