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Design Project 2 Logic 271 Vending Machine Amber Hoar

From  Amber Hoar 5 plays

AI Seminar74: Pascal Poupart

Training Machines to Know What They Don't Know

From  Prasad Tadepalli 2 plays

AI Seminar 71: Siddharth Srivastava

When Sparse Data is All You Have: Learning World Models for Generalizable Planning and RL with a View Towards AI Asessment

From  Prasad Tadepalli 3 plays

10-23-23 Budget and Finance Partner Forum - FY24 SRBM Deep Dive

Budget and Resource Planning Staff takes a deep dive into the FY24 Shared Responsibility Budget Model.

From  Mealoha McFadden 17 plays

AI Seminar 36 - Xiaoli Fern

Microbial "Language Model" Using Natural Language Processing Techniques to Understand Microbiomes

From  Prasad Tadepalli 47 plays

Ties to the Logic Model - April 8th 2021, 1:20:09 pm

From  Linda Brewer 41 plays

Lomónaco F2014

This video is a presentation by Dr. Pedro Lomónaco to the Marine Forum pertaining to "Designing, Building and Operating a Facility for Physical Model Testing of Coastal and Offshore…

From  Elizabeth Hodges 35 plays

Starrett and So F2014

This video is a presentation by Michael Starrett and Ratanak So to the Marine Forum pertaining to "Development of Model Predictive Control for a Multi-Pod Wave Energy Converter." Fall term…

From  Elizabeth Hodges 82 plays

Brekken F2014

This video is a presentation by Dr. Ted Brekken to the Marine Forum pertaining to "Model Predictive Control for Ocean Wave Energy." Fall term 2014.

From  Elizabeth Hodges 111 plays - "MyPest Page" for pest and disease risk models - Introduction to "MyPest Page" with hourly weather data and multiple disease risk and degree-day models. Includes a brief introduction to disease mapping, available for selected…

From  Leonard Coop 485 plays

BB 451/551 Lecture for January 12, 2009

BB 451/551 Biochemistry Lecture by Kevin Ahern

From  Kevin Ahern 8 plays

Global Climate Change and Fire

Ron Neilson, FOR 446 Lecture

From FMC 8 plays

COMSOL tutorial 2: Model and reaction settings

COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab introduction to model and reaction settings

From  swoggere 959 plays

COMSOL Tutorial 1: Creating a New Model

Tutorial briefly looks at Model Navigator window when opening a new model in COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab

From  swoggere 661 plays

Groundwater Tutorial

Video of groundwater model with explanation of the basics of groundwater hydrology

From  William Jarvis 5,090 plays