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AI Seminar 64: Yoon Kim

Large Language Models and Symbolic Structures

From  Prasad Tadepalli 10 plays

AI Seminar 54: Scott Sanner

Symbolic AI 3.0: Raise of the Large Language Models

From  Prasad Tadepalli 41 plays

AI Seminar 51: Yejin Choi

Possible Impossibilities and Impossible Possibilities

From  Prasad Tadepalli 64 plays

AI Seminar 48: Sameer Singh

Lipstick on a Pig: Using Language Models as Few Shot Learners

From  Prasad Tadepalli 17 plays

AI Seminar 45: Tom Dietterich

What is Wrong with Large Language Models and What We Should Be Building Instead

From  Prasad Tadepalli 64 plays

AI Seminar 44: Ken Arnold

Designing Interactive AI for Writers

From  Prasad Tadepalli 11 plays

AI Seminar 37 - Guy Van den Broeck

AI Can Learn from Data. But Can it Learn to Reason?

From  Prasad Tadepalli 18 plays

Zoom | Large Class Meeting Settings

From  Brendan Brucker 168 plays

Translation II

a lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing mechanisms of translation.

From  Kevin Ahern 7 plays