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Return to Classroom Teaching - Oregon State University - Fall 2021

A brief guide to new Oregon State University classroom technology and workflows for instructors.

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Zoom tips: Update and New Video Tool

Here's Eric Gleske from UIT Academic Technology Media Services with a quick ZOOM Tip and Tool. The tip: Update your ZOOM application. Make it a habit! And, for those who have updated recently,…

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Zoom: Adding Flair

Recorded February 19, 2021 - This week we will explore options to take your Meeting or Webinar to the next level with live streaming, customizing the lobby and waiting room, and adding…

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Zoom: My event is over, now what?

Recorded February 5, 2021 - This week we will discuss what options are available after your Meeting or Webinar ends. These options include reports, surveys, recordings, and captioning the recordings.

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Zoom: Recordings - Tips & Tricks

Using Zoom recording settings and post-production techniques, you can open up opportunities to improve your recorded meetings and events, from trimming excess bits to full-on editorial tweaking. Eric…

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Getting Started with a Lab Kit

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Using a Portable Flex Kit

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Zoom | Waiting Rooms

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Zoom | Getting Started

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Zoom | Share Meeting Information in Canvas

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Zoom | Schedule a Zoom Meeting

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Zoom | Screen Sharing

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Zoom | Simple Video Tips

A few simple to tips to improve your picture quality for Zoom meetings and videos.

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Zoom | Simple Audio Tips

A few simple tips to help your audience hear you better in zoom meetings and videos.

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Zoom | Small Class Meeting Settings

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Zoom | OSU Global User Settings

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Zoom | Large Class Meeting Settings

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Zoom | Security Controls

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Zoom | Waiting Room Customization

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Video for Students

This brief video has tips from graduate students Kelby and Jenny on how to best use Zoom and prepare for Spring 2020

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Zoom | Video Controls

Learn about video controls within a Zoom meeting. Keep Learning Zoom @ OSU

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Zoom | Audio Controls

Master Zoom audio controls in under two minutes. Keep Learning Zoom @ OSU

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Zoom | Join a Meeting

Learn how to join a Zoom meeting through Canvas in a little over one minute. Keep Learning Zoom @ OSU

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Advising via Zoom Part 1 of 3: Set up & Technical Tips

Alex Aljets, University Information & Technology staff member and former OSU academic advisor, describes two ways to set up Zoom for your advising appointments, tips and troubleshooting, and…

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Advising via Zoom Part 2 of 3: Successful Remote Advising Conversations

Experienced remote advisor Jenesis Long discusses how to build rapport with students in virtual meetings, features of Zoom she finds most helpful, and advice for advisors to combat social isolation…

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Advising via Zoom Part 3 of 3: Mock Advising Appointment

UESP advisor Shannon Shivers shares tips from her experiences advising students via Zoom and demonstrates a mock advising appointment using screen share and chat features. Resources mentioned: OSU…

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Zoom In and Out in GEP

Zooming is an important feature in GEP. It will help you focus in on details from a landscape level.

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Operating a Zoom H1 Digital Voice Recorder

How to use a Zoom H1 digital voice recorder.

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