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Inserting Images into a Polygon

Google Earth Pro (GEP) allows you to connect images with either polygons or paths. This instructional video will walk you through the steps that allow you to upload pictures that you've taken…

From  Sergio Arispe 35 plays

Import Pictures Into GEP

Importing pictures into GEP is easy. This video will demonstrate how to pinpoint the location of your picture and then how to attach archive that picture in GEP.

From  Sergio Arispe 25 plays

Downloading Pictures To a Folder

You can download pictures into specific folders. This video demonstrates how to highlight which picture you want to download and then how to direct it to a specific location so you can recall at a…

From  Sergio Arispe 13 plays

Viewing Image Properties

All digital pictures have data associated with their files. Learn how to access that data by accessing the image properties.

From  Sergio Arispe 0 plays

Adding Still Images to a Final Cut Pro Project

How to add picture files to a Final Cut Pro project.

From  Teresa Preddy 33 plays