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EESC Express November 2016- Ask an Expert, Pixels and Pictures, & more

The EESC Express brings you short, pithy and useful ideas about communication and teaching in your Extension work. Today's episode includes an overview of Ask n Expert: Five Years On, with tips…

From  Karen Zimmermann 37 plays

EESC Express October 2016 - 3-D Printing, New Handbooks Website, more

Join us in this 30-minute journey through 3-D printing, the new PNW Pest Management Handbooks website, and a productivity tip that involves tomatoes! Hosted by Jeff Hino, today's episode…

From  Karen Zimmermann 42 plays

Jim Johnson on EESC Content Audit Dashboard

Program Leader Jim Johnson comments on the first release of an EESC Content Audit for the forestry Extension program.

From  Alan Dennis 30 plays

EESC Express- May 2016 - Anatomy of a Good Press Release - Clipped by Jeffry Hino

In this season finale of the EESC Express, EESC's Public Service Communications Specialist Kym Pokorny and Public Issues Education Leader Gail Wells discuss how to craft an effective press…

From  Karen Zimmermann 75 plays

EESC Express-April 2016- Emerging Technologies for Extension

Hop aboard and join us for a short, 30-minute ride with—Stephen Ward, Multimedia & Visual Technology Designer Alan Dennis, Multimedia Tech Designer Jeff Hino, EESC Learning Technology…

From  Karen Zimmermann 66 plays

EESC Express March 2016: How to Use the EESC Photo Archive

Karen Zimmermann, our EESC Digital Asset Management Manager shares the new EESC Photo Archive. Viewers will learn how to search and download photos for use in publications websites and other…

From  Karen Zimmermann 72 plays

EESC Express January 2016 Show #1: Engaging Millennials

The EESC Express is a monthly web show featuring informative, pithy, and timely stuff you can use. This short (30-minute) webinar features tools, techniques, and topics designed to help you in your…

From  Karen Zimmermann 60 plays

Extension and Experiment Station Communications

Introduction to people in EESC and overview of functions performed by EESC - intended for Extension New Employee Orientation.

From  Karen Watte 38 plays