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ATS 201 Review 3

From  Andreas Schmittner 153 plays

ATS 201 Review 2

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Observations: Ocean & Carbon

Lecture on climate observations from the ocean and atmospheric carbon dioxide.

From  Andreas Schmittner 278 plays

Forest carbon monitoring update-20160718 1700-1_106905922 - Clipped by Robert Kennedy

Project wrap-up for USDA-NIFA and NASA-CMS supported carbon monitoring study in Washington, Oregon, and California. Contact Robert Kennedy ( for more details.

From  Robert Kennedy 68 plays

Behind the Research Featuring Dr. Jeff A. Hatten

The content presented in this episode primarily pertains to the interests of Dr. Jeff A. Hatten's research program. The material used in this episode is from a conversation between Joey…

From  Joseph Hulbert 107 plays


Title: Life in the Polar Ocean. Andrew Thurber, a post-doctoral scientist in Oregon State's College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, describes his research of life under the sea ice in…

From  Nick Houtman 101 plays

Leaky Bucket Video, DvD Sequence

A full-length instructional movie on how to calculate carbon stores in a forest. To skip to a particular place in the video, click ABOVE the tracking bar. Start-24:35 - Intro and…

From FMC 33 plays

350: The Most Important Number in the World

Bill McKibben speaks at Oregon State University, November 17, 2011. Discovery Lecture Series.

From  David Baker 178 plays

Protein Purification Techniques

A lecture by Kevin Ahern finishing discussion of protein structure and introducing protein purification techniques.

From  Kevin Ahern 152 plays

Mitochondria and Electron Transport

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering mitochondrial structure and function. Topics include electron transport, oxygen use and inhibitors of electron transport.

From  Kevin Ahern 16 plays

Starker Lecture Series

Environmental Services from Plantations- Biomass, Biofuels, Carbon Sequestration - Part II April 3, 2008. Carbon Sequestration and Biomass Production in Ponderosa Pine Plantations: Does Management…

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 151 plays

Starker Lecture Series

Environmental Services from Plantations- Biomass, Biofuels, Carbon Sequestration - Part I March 6, 2008. Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation and Planted Forests: Hype, Unintended Consequences, and…

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 18 plays

Starker Lecture Series

The Role of Planted Forests in Conserving Biodiversity in Forest Stands and Landscapes April 17, 2008. Planted Forests and Conservation of Biodiversity: An Industry Perspective Ben Wigley,…

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 14 plays

Starker Lecture Series

2/21/2008 Robert Flynn, RISI and Darius Adams, Forest Resources Department, Oregon State University Global Plantations, Evolving Markets, and PNW Forests International Timberland Investments,…

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 25 plays

Citric Acid Cycle I Lecture for January 3, 2011

BB 451/551 Biochemistry Lecture by Kevin Ahern

From  Kevin Ahern 31 plays

Starker Lecture Series

April 2010. Bettina von Hagen, CEO, Ecotrust Forest Management, Inc., Portland, OR: Markets for Ecosystems Services

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 19 plays