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Using the Brand Colors

Part of the Marketing Training for Student Affairs, this video describes the brand colors at Oregon State University and the rules and guidance relating to their use.

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All About Graphics and Illustrations

Complementing its utilization of photography, the university uses graphics and illustrations in specific ways to reinforce the OSU brand. Learn more in this video, which is part of the Marketing…

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Brand Writing Workshop 11-19-2021 - HD 1080p

Recording of the University Relations and Marketing Brand Writing Workshop on Nov. 19, 2021. Featuring presentations from Gary Dulude, Senior Editor and Ashley Locke, Marketing Writer. Also includes…

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Stewart Brand, Rethinking Green Part 1 of 2, Lecture

Creator of the Whole Earth Catalog, founder of The WELL, the Global Business Network, and the Long Now Foundation, and author of several books explains why we need to be more daring as we strive for…

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Stewart Brand, Rethinking Green Part 2 of 2, Discussion

Stewart Brand in audience discussion following his lecture, Rethinking Green.

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OSU Brand Guidelines - photo style

Amy Charron gives a brief overview of OSU's photo style.

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