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Faculty Senate February 9, 2012 Part 3

AGENDA ITEM B - COMMITTEE REPORTS - ITEM 3 Student Evaluation of Teaching Task Force. Bill Loges, member, provides an update on the progress of the task force.

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350: The Most Important Number in the World

Bill McKibben speaks at Oregon State University, November 17, 2011. Discovery Lecture Series.

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KGW - Bill Lunch on KGW Live @ 7 - 7/26/2011

Joe Donlon chats with OPB political analyst and retired OSU Political Science professor Bill Lunch about David Wu\'s resignation, and who might jump into the race to fill his seat.

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Bill Lunch, Last Lecture

The last official lecture at OSU for (now Emeritus) Professor of Political Science Bill Lunch is, Why Oregon is Blue, Mississippi is Red, and the U.S. is Purple (and Polarized), or How I Learned to…

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Octopus Dissection

Features the side-by-side dissection of an octopus and Humboldt squid

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Great White Shark Necropsy

Partial necropsy of 12 ft white shark tangled in crab pot off Oregon Coast.

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Food for Thought: Public Perceptions of Genetically-Modifie

William Hallman, Associate Professor in the Department of Human Ecology and an Associate Director of the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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