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CS450 Project 6 - Animated Shader

Fragment shader of elipse on a sphere with animation

From  Nathan Nolte 2 plays

Rube Goldberg Factory-tutorial pt2

From  Alexsis Kerekes 13 plays

Rube Goldberg Factory-tutorial pt1

From  Alexsis Kerekes 10 plays

Woodlands Seasons 2

Seasonal contrasts in a wetland.

From  Todd Kesterson 15 plays

Root Explorations

This project is an exploration of relationships between natural forms and 3D-modeled imagery. It involved the digitizing of a tree root structure in the field. The resulting 3D form was modified,…

From  Todd Kesterson 17 plays

Return to French Pete Creek

Dreams and memories of the journey to a place of renewal.

From  Todd Kesterson 10 plays

The Story Pouch: A Journey Remembered

The Story Pouch is 3D computer animated short film about a man alone, unable to expressive himself creatively. This begins to change as he is pulled into a multidimensional space of dreams and…

From  Todd Kesterson 54 plays