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“Der Stürmer, Fake News, and the Making of the ‘Jewish Criminal’ in Nazi Germany” by Katherine Hubler

While it is well-known that National Socialist propaganda frequently spread “fake news” about European Jews, few Nazi publications were as belligerent and unrestrained in their…

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Back Page 273 Lois Leveen

"The Secrets of Mary Bowser," based on the true story of one daring woman willing to sacrifice her own freedom to change the course of history.

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Back Page 261 Tommy Skiens - Buffgrunt

"Buffgrunt: Memoirs of a Tree Vet" is a brutally honest account of Tommy Skiens' life after service as a Vietnam combat veteran; a tale of pain, self-healing and redemption.

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ESPN Gameday

ESPN Gameday in MU quad for 2010 Civil War

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Civil War LAN 2008

Time Lapse of 2008 Civil War LAN Party held at Reser Stadium.

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Back Page # 192 Jack 'Suitcase' Simpson, "Socrates and Suits

Jack "Suitcase" Simpson, a Korean War fighter pilot, supersonic test pilot, and author of a trilogy of books about life with Socrates as his wingman.

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Civil War LAN 2010

Time Lapse of 2010 Civil War LAN Party held at Reser Stadium.

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