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From  Walker Vave 2,395 plays


From  Eric Gleske 2,545 plays


From  Eric Gleske 3,781 plays

Manufacturing "Military Necessity": Japanese American Internment During WWII by Patricia Sakurai

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed E.O. 9066 which ultimately resulted in the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans living on the west coast, Forty years later, the…

From  Lindsay Marlow 84 plays

“Der Stürmer, Fake News, and the Making of the ‘Jewish Criminal’ in Nazi Germany” by Katherine Hubler

While it is well-known that National Socialist propaganda frequently spread “fake news” about European Jews, few Nazi publications were as belligerent and unrestrained in their…

From  Lindsay Marlow 652 plays

Fake News is the New V.D.: Verbal Deception as a Means of Manipulation by Trischa Goodnow

Noted Presidential Rhetorical scholar, Kathleen Hall Jamieson has coined the phrase verbal deception to better describe what has popularly become known as fake news. By changing the name of the…

From  Lindsay Marlow 106 plays

Veterinarians Laundry by Baxter Black

Poem written by Baxter Black and delivered at the College of Veterinary Medicine graduation as keynote speaker

From  Jill Bartlett 545 plays