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From  Michael Stephan 15 plays

Best Fields First (Fall 2022) - Session 1

This is a video recording of the presentation, Using Potential & Current Forage Yield Data in Management Decisions, by Shelby Filley, OSU Extension Service. It also has an explanation of the…

From  Shelby Filley 8 plays

SMS Video Production CRASH COURSE

This tutorial was created by Student Multimedia Services. We are a team of creative problem-solvers whose sole mission is to develop innovative multimedia solutions for the OSU community of…

From  Teresa Preddy 98 plays

Presentation - Using Potential & Current Forage Yield for Management Decisions

The primary objective of this presentation is to learn to use the Soils Web Survey and your own ranch records to assess potential and current productivity for use in making management…

From  Shelby Filley 5 plays

ADAM Audio at OSU: Making Money in the Music Production Industry

The OSU Music Technology and Production program hosted ADAM Audio in June, 2019 for a full day of masterclasses and clinics about the professional audio engineering industry. Posted with permission…

From  Zachary Person 43 plays

Zoom | Simple Video Tips

A few simple to tips to improve your picture quality for Zoom meetings and videos.

From  Eric Gleske 225 plays

Zoom | Simple Audio Tips

A few simple tips to help your audience hear you better in zoom meetings and videos.

From  Eric Gleske 134 plays

Premiere Pro: (27) Filters and Effects

Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro. In this series of videos by Student Multimedia Services, we will teach you the basics of one of the video production industry's commonly used programs. In this…

From  Teresa Preddy 5 plays

How Do You Collect Forage Production Data?

This 9 minute video outlines techniques for determining an estimate of forage production. It also outlines where to find online spreadsheets to collect the data.

From  Sergio Arispe 38 plays

Where Do You Collect Forage Production Data?

This 4:30 video describes basic principles for locating monitoring sites for determining forage production. The importance of utilizing soils information in locating key areas is also explained.

From  Sergio Arispe 37 plays

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 -- Video and Audio Effects

From  Teresa Preddy 254 plays

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 -- Managing Project Files

From  Teresa Preddy 43 plays

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 -- Starting a Project

From  Teresa Preddy 48 plays

iMovie 10: How and Where to Export

From  Teresa Preddy 344 plays

Changing the Paper on a HPT1200 Printer

How to change the paper on a HPT1200 printer.

From  Teresa Preddy 28 plays

How to Submit a Production Order Online

How to submit a SMS production order online using blackboard.

From  Teresa Preddy 47 plays

How to Set Up a PDF File for Printing

How to set up a PDF file for printing using Adobe Photoshop.

From  Teresa Preddy 22 plays

Making a Poster in Powerpoint on a Mac

How to make a poster in Powerpoint using a Mac computer.

From  Teresa Preddy 10,468 plays

A Night in the Life of the Common Zoobomber

This was my final project for NMC 481 Post Production. I decided to do a short documentary on the Zoobomb, which is an event/activity in portland.

From  nicholsw 16 plays

Starker Lecture Series

2001. Monty Bassett, Natural Resources Filmmaker, Out-Yonder Productions, Smithers, B.C., Canada.

From  Jessica Fitzmorris 9 plays