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4C-Hopkins- Making Shiitake Happen

This is a power point presentation from Clackamas Tree School on March 24, 2018. 4C - Making Shiitake Happen

From  Jean Bremer 9 plays

OSU Micro Maker Faire (2014)

On Monday, April 21, 2014 Travis Good joined us from MAKE magazine to give a talk - What's the Big Deal About Making? - on the value of making for the OSU campus and Corvallis. His talk was…

From  Charles Robinson 237 plays

Making Adhesives Work: The Theory Behind It

Making Adhesives Work: The Theory Behind It, 689.2 DVD

From FMC 35 plays

Making a Poster in Powerpoint on a Mac

How to make a poster in Powerpoint using a Mac computer.

From  Teresa Preddy 10,446 plays

European Ag Marketing

Larry Lev discusses what can be learned from successful marketing of agricultural products in or from Europe

From  Bartelt Eleveld 11 plays