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Tips for Printing at Student Multimedia Services

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OPEnS Lab Tutorial #1- Acetone Vapor Finishing

This is the first tutorial in the series of tutorial videos from the OPEnS Lab. This tutorial focuses on the method of acetone vapor finishing.

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How to Design a Research Poster for Printing

Do you need to make a poster for class but don't know where to start? Check out this video from Student Multimedia Services for a comprehensive approach to everything you need to keep in mind…

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EESC Express October 2016 - 3-D Printing, New Handbooks Website, more

Join us in this 30-minute journey through 3-D printing, the new PNW Pest Management Handbooks website, and a productivity tip that involves tomatoes! Hosted by Jeff Hino, today's episode…

From  Karen Zimmermann 43 plays

EESC Express-April 2016- Emerging Technologies for Extension

Hop aboard and join us for a short, 30-minute ride with—Stephen Ward, Multimedia & Visual Technology Designer Alan Dennis, Multimedia Tech Designer Jeff Hino, EESC Learning Technology…

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How to Set Up a PDF File for Printing

How to set up a PDF file for printing using Adobe Photoshop.

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Windows Printing (Home Premium)

Tutorial for setting up wireless printing on windows home premium operating systems.

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Windows Printing (non-Home Premium)

How to setup windows printing for Non - Home Premium Operating Systems

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