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OSU-Cascades Overview of Mine Reclamation and Construction of Edward J Ray Hall

An overview of the work that went into the pumice mine reclamation and construction of Edward J Ray Hall on the OSU-Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon.

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Is it Time to Pivot Your Company?

Pivoting a company’s business model is not new. It has been an integral part of business innovation for many years. Some companies are forced to pivot defensively because their original models…

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The Truth About Intellectual Property

Do you want to know more about patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets and how to use them? Do you want to want to know what is worth pursuing and what is not?Watch our free webinar about…

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Krynicki, Adam Timothy's Personal Meeting Room

Are you launching or growing a startup company? Are you seeking investment?In this webinar, you’ll learn about:Sharing stock with co-founders Getting investment under current securities laws…

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April 16, 2013 - COCC session

The OSU-Cascades focus group with COCC students.

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April 16, 2013 - High School session

This is the OSU-Cascades focus group with Central Oregon area High School students.

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