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Sophie Germain's Grand Plan to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem | David Pengelley

David Pengelley presents "Sophie Germain's Grand Plan to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem" on May 11, 2020, via Zoom. Sponsored by the Oregon State University chapter of the…

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Title: A Mathematical Detective Story: Decoding the Golden Ratio. Dan Rockwell, Oregon State University Department of Mathematics, shows how the Golden Ratio is reflected in natural and human-made…

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DNA Replication I

a lecture by Kevin Ahern covering DNA replication.

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BB 450/550 Lecture for October 20, 2010

BB 450/550 Biochemistry lecture by Kevin Ahern. Topics covered include enzymes Km Vmax Kcat turnover number inhibition competitive noncompetitive substrate binding

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