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Mike Taylor-economics poster.wmv

Michael Taylor, economist with the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Economics, briefly discusses the research he and fellow economist Kim Rollins have done on the economics of…

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14 Roger-prioritizing mgmt.wmv

Dr. Roger Sheley discusses prioritizing management and how to get started with an EBIPM management plan.

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13 Roger-adaptive mgmt.wmv

Dr. Roger Sheley discusses the importance of including adaptive management as part of a successful management plan.

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12 Tom-species performance.wmv

Dr. Tom Monaco discusses principles for tools and strategies associated with plant competition used to choose seeding mixes and plant selections.

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11 Roger-stress.wmv

Dr. Roger Sheley discusses the principles for tools and strategies to stress invasive species and favor desired plants using grazing and biocontrol.

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10 Jeremy-species performance.wmv

Dr. Jeremy James discusses the principles for tools and strategies to use for plant life strategies to enhance desired species establishment.

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9 Joe-species availability.wmv

Dr. Joe DiTomaso discusses the principles and practices to control reproduction of undesired species using herbicides.

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8 Brenda-species availability.wmv

Dr. Brenda Smith discusses and leads a field activity to demonstrate the principles for tools and strategies to prevent the dispersal of invasive species.

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7 Stuart-site availability.wmv

Dr. Stuart Hardegree outlines the principles, tools, strategies to manipulate disturbances to manage for desired plants.

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6 Tom-step 3.wmv

Dr. Tom Monaco discusses Step 3 of the EBIPM process, linking ecological principles to repair ecosystem processes using ecological principles.

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5 Ed-steps 1 & 2.wmv

Dr. Ed Vasquez outlines the first two steps in the EBIPM process. Step 1-conducting a Rangeland Health Assessment; Step 2-identifying causes of invasion and ecological processes in direpair using the…

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4 Roger-succession.wmv

Dr. Roger Sheley discusses how to recognize plant community change, succession, through an activity out in the field.

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3 Brenda-what is ebipm.wmv

Dr. Brenda Smith provides an overview of ecologically-based invasive plant management and how it can be used for better management of invasive plants.

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2 Jeremy-what does it take.wmv

Dr. Jeremy James discusses what it takes to successfully manage invasive annual grasses using science-based solutions.

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1 Roger-intro.wmv

Dr. Roger Sheley introduces Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management at the 2012 EBIPM Field School in Reno, Nevada August 28th, 2012

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