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AI Seminar 18 - Bolei Zhang

Human-AI Collaboration for Content Generation and Machine Autonomy

From  Prasad Tadepalli 11 plays

Tech Talk Tuesday: Towards Usable and Practical Image Privacy

Rakesh BobbaAssociate ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University February 9, 2021 AbstractToday image hosting platforms are a popular way to store and share images with family members and…

From  Gale Sumida 19 plays

Image Float-Bullet Display

When floating an image with padding, OLs & ULs bullets do not respect image padding.

From  Nicholas Blum 16 plays

Setting a Sony PD150 or PD170 to Progressive Recording Mode

How to set a Sony PD150 or PD170 video camera to progressive recording mode.

From  Teresa Preddy 614 plays

Changing the Image Recording Quality on a Sony NX5

How to switch between High Definition and Standard Definition recording quality on a Sony NX5 video camera.

From  Teresa Preddy 567 plays

Setting the Video Recording Quality on a Canon HF200

How to set the video recording quality on a Canon HF200 video camera.

From  Teresa Preddy 69 plays

Using the Flat-Bed Scanner

How to use the Flat-Bed Scanner at the SMS editing station.

From  Teresa Preddy 48 plays

Adding Still Images to an iMovie Project.

How to add still image files to an iMovie project.

From  Teresa Preddy 61 plays