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The Imposter Syndrome - Hugh Kearns 2014

A great article from The Conversation by Hugh Kearns can be found here:

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Presenting Your Research with Confidence - Hugh Kearns 2014

If you're a researcher then at some stage you are going to have to present your findings. It's tempting to get up and just read your paper, but to really speak to your audience you need to…

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Time for Research - Hugh Kearns 2014

As a busy academic do you feel like you never have enough time to get to your research, particularly the writing part? And that other things like students, administration, committees, emails, project…

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Turbocharge Your Writing - Hugh Kearns 2014

This course will teach you how to maximize your writing output and how to overcome common obstacles that reduce your writing productivity.

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The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students - Hugh Kearns 2014

What do research higher degree (RHD) students do to finish on time, to overcome isolation, doubt and writer’s block, and to enjoy the process? And just as importantly what do they do in order…

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Mentoring Research Students - Hugh Kearns 2014

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