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350: The Most Important Number in the World

Bill McKibben speaks at Oregon State University, November 17, 2011. Discovery Lecture Series.

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GEO 2009 Winter Seminar - Santer

Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: How Do We Know That Human Activities Have Influenced Global Climate?

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GEO 2009 Winter Seminar - Battisti

David Battisti, University of Washington: "Global Warming and Global Food Production"

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GEO 2009 Winter Seminar - Susman

Steve Susman, Susman Godfrey LLP, "Climate Change Litigation: The Courthouse Effect"

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GEO 2009 Winter Seminar - Schrag

Daniel Schrag, Harvard University, "Confronting the Climate-Energy Challenge"

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PAGES - Marie-José Gaillard - Interactions between Holocene land-cover and climate change in Europe

Marie-José Gaillard

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