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Back Page 256 The Real Skinny

Brenda Sloan Stevens with nutrition and fitness expert James Dubberly, "The Real Skinny: A Practical Guide to Fat Loss and Health Gain"

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patti watkins fat studies wkshp.mp4

Fat Studies: Teaching About Weightism as a Social Justice Issue. Scholars in the Humanities as well as the Social and Health Sciences have begun to recognize that bias based on body weight, shape,…

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Fat and Cholesterol Metabolism

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing metabolism of fat, sphingolipids, and cholesterol, as well as the movement of lipids in the body.

From  Kevin Ahern 36 plays

Metabolic Control/Lipid Metabolism

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing the relationship of mitochondria to metabolic control plus a discussion of the oxidation of lipids.

From  Kevin Ahern 40 plays

Lipids and Membranes II

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering lipids and membranes, part 2.

From  Kevin Ahern 8 plays

Lipids and Membranes I

A lecture by Kevin Ahern finishing enzyme control and starting descriptions of structure and function of membranes.

From  Kevin Ahern 10 plays