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Embryology in the Classroom Training 2022

Zoom Recording ID: 97431547284 UUID: i0kNr0d4RDqhhF5M2Itp2g== Meeting Time: 2022-11-08 11:46:54pm Over a 21 day period your class can incubate and hatch chicken eggs! This Marion & Linn County…

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AI Seminar 8 - Hannah Kerner

Advancing Global Food Security and Sustainable Development with Machine Learning and Earth Observations

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College Talk Tuesday: College Life, What's college like?

College students share their perspective of what college is like for a college-bound student audience.

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College Talk Tuesday: College Life Student Panel

This recording is of college student panelists helping to answer questions regarding College Life for college-bound students.

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Selecting a Sector and Defining a Market Opportunity

The second video in the four part WealthWorks in Practice video series focuses on selecting a sector and defining a market opportunity. In the WealthWorks approach to economic development,…

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Introduction to WealthWorks

The first video in the four part WealthWorks in Practice video series provides an introduction to the three guiding goals and major components of implementing a rural wealth creation approach to…

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Analyzing Market Demand

The fourth video in the four part WealthWorks in Practice video series focuses on analyzing market demand.This video will walk you through a set of principles to better understand the central role of…

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Mapping and Analyzing a Value Chain

The third video in the four part WealthWorks in Practice video series focuses on mapping and analyzing a value chain. Once you have narrowed your focus to a specific market opportunity – the…

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LFA Seminar Series April 13th - OSU Graduate Students Scholarly Landscape and Institutional repository needs

On April 13th 2018 we had 3 short talks from OSULP faculty members and collaborators. This is the second talk of the series, titled Oregon State University Graduate Students' Scholarly…

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CASS SDS 2017: Team Foundation Version Control

Learn how to use Team Foundation for your version control.

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Achieve Your Next Career Steps

Yullia Dennis talks about achieving next steps in career development.

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Industry Insiders Panel

Industry representatives (many of them OSU Alumni) talk about career development and professionalism.

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CPHHS Leadership Development Program 2016

Session 1 of the 2016 Leadership Development Program of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

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O&E Division Quarterly Conversation (11/20/15)

Quarterly Conversations are designed to share what is happening within the Division of University Outreach and Engagement. This month’s conversation featured a presentation about Outdoor…

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Lesemann W2015

This video is a presentation by Reenst Lesemann to the Marine Forum pertaining to "Business Development at Columbia Power Technologies." Winter term 2015.

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2012 New Faculty Orientation Part 6 Commercialization

Commercialization and Corporate Development at OSU Brian Wall, Director of Office for Commercialization & Corporate Development Faculty Insider: Steve Reese, Radiation Center Director

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Jane Harrison, Rural Community Development

"The impact of social capital on rural community development: A case study approach." From the 2012 Initiatives and Insights: Fostering a New Forestry Future symposium.

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Smart Policy | Campbell Lecture Series, Fall 2011

Dr. Phil Fisher, Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC) and the University of Oregon Dr. Philip Fisher is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon and a Senior Scientist at the Oregon…

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Roger Rennekamp & Ed Ray

Roger Rennekamp & Ed Ray discuss 4H and Youth Development programs at Oregon State University

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