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Pesticide safety education: Never a dull moment by Kaci Buhl

Horticulture Fall 2017 Seminar Series; Presented on November 28, 2017 at 4pm in ALS 4000

From  Elaine Clark 42 plays

Transcription I

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing telomeres and the transcription of RNA.

From  Kevin Ahern 16 plays

Enzyme Control II

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing covalent modification of enzymes and the mechanism of action of chymotrypsin.

From  Kevin Ahern 5 plays

Enzymes II

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing enzyme velocity, Km, V vs. S, and Lineweaver-Burk plots.

From  Kevin Ahern 10 plays

Canyoneering Promo

The Adventure Leadership Institute at OSU offers students an educational experience outside the classroom with courses like Canyoneering.

From  Wendy Little 167 plays

Membrane Transport and Neurotransmission

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing several membrane transport systems and the mechanism of neurotransmission.

From  Kevin Ahern 21 plays

Greens Mowing - Tod's Turf Tips

CGCS Tod Blankenship talks about the basics of Greens Mowing.

From  jagerm 11 plays

NMC 351 Coronado Final

Final Video project in visualization

From 6 plays