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11C-Brown-Xmas 2018

This is a power point presentation from Clackamas Tree School on March 24, 2018, class 11C Domestic and Export Pests of Christmas Trees.

From  Jean Bremer 18 plays

Esquilar y Cultivar Arboles de Navidad - Shearing and Culturing Christmas Trees

Aprenda técnicas de eficacia para mejorar la cantidad y calidad de su cosecha de arboles de Navidad.

From  Sandy L Reichhuber (retired) 275 plays

Shearing and Culturing Christmas Trees

Learn proven shearing and culturing practices for the noble and Douglas-fir; also covers knife selection and sharpening.

From  Sandy L Reichhuber (retired) 1,569 plays

Mike Bondi Picks out a healthy Christmas Tree

Mike Bondi skype on Fox 40 Sacramento Early Morning show giving instruction on picking out a healthy Christmas tree.

From  Jean Bremer 24 plays