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Polar STEAM Intro NNA Nov 2022

This introduction to the NSF- Funded OSU Facilitated Polar STEAM programs is prepared with the 2022 Navigating the New Arctic Meeting. More information is…

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The Creative Forest

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OSU Micro Maker Faire (2014)

On Monday, April 21, 2014 Travis Good joined us from MAKE magazine to give a talk - What's the Big Deal About Making? - on the value of making for the OSU campus and Corvallis. His talk was…

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Oregon State is one of 12 universities participating in Extension Reconsidered, a national Imagining America initiative that invites citizens to imagine and consider new ways for Cooperative…

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Arts & Engineering at Oregon State University

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“Artx: creativity/innovation.” A Talk by Joel Slayton

On November 21, 2013, OSU hosted a talk by Joel Slayton, a pioneering artist, writer and technologist whose work explores the boundaries between art and techno-culture. This lecture was the 4th…

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"Technological Landscapes" A Talk by Shona Kitchen

Shona Kitchen is an internationally-renowned multidisciplinary artist/designer with a passion for technological advancement. Kitchen focuses her attention across several fields which allows for a…

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Title: The Art and Science of Spalted Wood. Sara Robinson, assistant professor in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering, applies fungi to wood and creates colors, lines and textures. A…

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Kharim Hamdy - Calligraphy Activity Demonstration

Kharim Hamdy demonstrates a calligraphy activity that he uses in his Arab Cultures (333) class.

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Lei Xue - Art

Lei Xue describes his art history course for a global learning faculty showcase.

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The first ARtour with technology demo and in-place ARtour of the Percent for Art Collection at Dixon Rec Sports Center.

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KidSpirit 2012 Multimedia Campers Slideshow

Slideshow of photos taken by KidSpirit campers ranging in age from 11 to 15.

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This ARtour is a naturally interactive way to get Augmented Reality technology experiences into people's hands, via their personal handheld devices. Join Kerrie B. Wrye as she leads a group tour…

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Organic Art

Learn the behind the scenes story about the newest outdoor sculpture on the OSU campus.

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Sam Bush Mural, Richardson Hall, OSU

An interpretive video for the complex wood mural in Richardson Hall Knuckle. Moshofsky Estate gift to the OSU College of Forestry.

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