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Demo of the Google+ Domains Android app using HTTP and OAuth2

From  Peter Yetti 3 plays


Displaying location data when permission granted or defaulting to OSU location

From  Peter Yetti 3 plays


5 layouts and 4 buttons

From  Peter Yetti 6 plays

SQLite Android

From  Priyank Bathula 14 plays

Bathinin SQLandLocationHW

CS 496 Android SQLite and Location

From  Nipun Bathini 12 plays

Aviral Sinha CS496 Android UI

Aviral Sinha CS 496 Android UI

From  Aviral Sinha 16 plays

Priyank Bathula Android UI Video

From  Priyank Bathula 15 plays

Bathini Android UI video

CS 496 Android UI Assignment. Video of my Application Working

From  Nipun Bathini 10 plays


Brief overview of the AndroidUI assignment for CS496, assignment #4, showing five different activities.

From  Ricardo Garnica 24 plays