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ATS 201 Review 2

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Oregon AQI Sept 2020

Time lapse of Oregon air quality index (AQI) during September 2020

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Distinguished Visiting Lecturers

"Air Bubbles in Ice, Salt in the Sea"-Drs. Lynne Talley and Jeff Severinghaus, April 9, 2013 College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

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OSU Faculty Senate Nov 8, 2012 - Part 1 of 5

OSU Faculty Senate meeting November 8, 2012, AGENDA ITEM A - ACTION ITEMS 1 - Approval of the 2012 Apportionment Table 2 - Faculty Senate Nominations and Elections 3 - Category I Proposal: Rename Air…

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Hydroville IAQ Scenario Opening Video

The town of Hydroville passed a bond issue to create a middle school by renovating and adding on to its historic library. Students, teachers, and staff attending the newly remodeled school have been…

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Personal Air Sampling Training Part 2

Developed by the Superfund Research Program (SRP) at OSU. These training videos were produced by the Community Engagement Core to train members of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian…

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Preparation of LFT Passive Sampling Device for Air

Step by step process on deploying the lipid free tubing passive sample device to measure air quality with field examples from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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Personal Air Sampler Video

For research of the Community Engagement Core of the Superfund Research Center at Oregon State University.

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Anderson Research in the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico oil spill research on PAHs conducted by Dr. Kim Anderson

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