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Fire Ecology, FOR 446 - Emily Comfort.

Fire Ecology, FOR 446. Emily Comfort: PhD Candidate, OSU Wildland Fire Lab.

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Fire Ecology, FOR 446 - Dr. Ron Neilson

Dr. Ron Neilson: Climate Change - Global to local ecosystem vulnerability.

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Forestry 446: Wildland Fire Ecology: Modeling Wildland Fire

A discussion of concepts relating to fire dynamics and modeling.

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FOR 446: Wildland Fire Ecology, eCampus Edition

Fire Ecology of the Eastern Seaboard, North America.

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FOR 446: Wildland Fire Ecology: eCampus fourth lecture

Fire Ecology, global context and southwest Oregon examples. Tom Sensenig, PhD: forest ecologist.

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FOR 446: Wildland Fire Ecology: eCampus third lecture

1-hr, 10-hr, 100-hr fuels, and more.

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Global Climate Change and Fire

Ron Neilson, FOR 446 Lecture

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